Before the sun

White long curtains. Bright light from the sun shining through the two story tall windows. The mirror wall makes the already huge room look twice as big. On the middle of the wooden floor lies a body curled up in white silk. Impressionist music from a grand piano fills up the room, from the very ground and up to the high ceiling, leaving a majestic chandelier shiver from the vibrations. The body comes to life with a deep inhale following the emotional movement of the music. Long arms in straight lines towards the ceiling, opening up like a blooming flower, making room for a head to spring out. The white silk moves elegantly as the body slowly grows up to a standing figure. The music builds up with a passionate crescendo and a soft accelerando. One foot leaves the floor, the body leans carefully forward with an arched back as the foot gradually flies higher pointing toes towards the sun. The music hits its peek. Using the pointing foot as momentum the body explodes into series of gliding pirouettes. The white silk floating with the dance. Sudden gray clouds pollute the sky, hiding the sun. The music fades, and the body collapses back in a bundle on the floor. The white is gray. The light is gray. And everything is back to the way it was before the sun rose.